Tulio Zuloaga: A Colombian Culinary Entrepreneur and Influencer

Tulio Zuloaga, a prominent blogger and entrepreneur from Barranquilla, Colombia, has become one of the most sought-after diners by restaurants across Colombia. With a substantial online presence, his authenticity in reviewing restaurants and sharing recipes, coupled with the human stories behind each culinary establishment, has garnered him a loyal following. Zuloaga is not only known for his influential online persona but also for his role as the creator of “Los Master,” a highly successful culinary event model in Colombian gastronomy.

The Rise of Los Master Events

Zuloaga’s brainchild, Los Master events, are designed to drive foot traffic to restaurants specializing in burgers, pizzas, and sushi. During these events, participating restaurants offer their flagship dishes at a discounted price for a week, allowing diners to sample the best offerings. The Burger Master event in 2023 alone witnessed the sale of 2.9 million burgers across 21 cities in Colombia, generating a revenue of 57 billion pesos and garnering a total of 460,000 votes on the Tulio Recomienda application.

Reflecting on the origins of Burger Master, Zuloaga humbly recalls its humble beginnings in 2016 when it was conceived as a means to assist struggling restaurant owners in Medellín. Despite initial challenges, including financial constraints, the event managed to materialize with the support of private collaborators. Since then, it has experienced remarkable growth, surpassing all expectations.

The Journey of Tulio Zuloaga: From Entertainment to Entrepreneurship

Before his entrepreneurial endeavors, Zuloaga had a diverse career background encompassing singing, acting, and hosting radio and television shows. Each facet of his career provided valuable lessons that would later contribute to his success as a culinary entrepreneur. His experience in entertainment taught him to connect with audiences, craft compelling messages, and produce high-quality multimedia content.

However, Zuloaga’s affinity for gastronomy traces back to his childhood, where he experimented with eclectic food combinations influenced by his Spanish heritage. Raised in a family where Sunday gatherings revolved around food and togetherness, he developed a deep-rooted appreciation for culinary experiences as a source of joy and familial bonding.

Ingredients of Success: Happiness and Embracing Failure

Zuloaga attributes his success to two fundamental principles: prioritizing the pursuit of happiness and embracing failure as a catalyst for growth. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the needs and desires of others, asserting that people gravitate towards experiences that bring them happiness. Rather than imposing his preferences on his audience, Zuloaga focuses on sharing recommendations and experiences that resonate with them.

Moreover, he espouses a philosophy of “mastering failure,” drawing from his own setbacks and challenges throughout his career. From a failed record deal in the 90s to bankruptcy in the automotive industry, Zuloaga’s journey has been fraught with adversity. Yet, he views these experiences as valuable learning opportunities, shaping his resilience and determination as an entrepreneur.

Continued Innovation and Philanthropy

Driven by a passion for culinary arts and a desire to empower aspiring chefs, Zuloaga remains committed to fostering talent and promoting Colombian cuisine on a national scale. His recent initiative to provide scholarships for aspiring chefs in Medellín exemplifies his dedication to nurturing culinary excellence within his community.

Additionally, Zuloaga is exploring new avenues for culinary events, including the prospect of organizing a national gastronomic festival celebrating Colombian cuisine. Amidst his philanthropic endeavors and creative pursuits, he continues to work on his book, “Manual del eterno emprendedor,” which chronicles his entrepreneurial journey and insights.


Tulio Zuloaga’s journey from entertainer to culinary entrepreneur embodies the transformative power of passion, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of happiness. Through his innovative events, authentic storytelling, and philanthropic initiatives, he has not only redefined the culinary landscape of Colombia but also inspired a generation of aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs. As he continues to evolve and innovate, Zuloaga remains a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.