How Much Is Fetty Wap Worth

In the realm of rap music, a name that cannot be overlooked is Fetty Wap. Like his fellow lyricists, this man has established his eminence owing to his profound contributions to the world of music. Apart from being renowned as a rapper, Fetty also commands authority in music production.

Despite his relatively short time in the music industry, the American rapper made a resounding debut with hit singles such as “Trap Queen,” seven years ago. The song garnered immense popularity, captivating audiences and climbing to the second position on the illustrious Billboard music charts, ultimately selling multiple million copies.

The success of his early singles paved the way for Fetty to sign a lucrative contract with a renowned record label company. Subsequently, he released other chart-topping hits, including “My Way” and “679,” both featured in his debut album, which was released six years ago in September, dominating the musical charts in the United States.

With this succinct introduction, your curiosity must be piqued to learn more about this talented American rapper. Let us now delve into some insights from his life, career, and earnings in this article.

Early Life

Fetty Wap, the American rapper, was born in the United States during the 1990s in June, under the name Maxwell. Notably, he bears a distinctive ocular feature, not due to a brawl-related injury, but rather due to the condition of glaucoma, which afflicted him in his early years. This condition impairs his vision in one eye, necessitating the use of a prosthetic during his formative years.

While some may sympathize with his situation, Fetty faced adversity during his school days when his classmates mocked his affected eye. In response, he courageously confronted them, even resorting to throwing a whole desk in the heat of anger. Far from being ashamed or disheartened, Fetty embraced his condition and astoundingly removed the prosthetic, boldly displaying his disability to the world without reservation. It indeed takes tremendous courage to make such a bold decision, and Fetty exemplified this trait.

Fetty’s musical journey began when he engaged in drum performances with his father and sibling in church on Sundays, marking the dawning of his musical pursuits.

Initial Struggle

Adolescence proved to be a trying period for Fetty, marked by unpleasant experiences and insults, eventually leading him to leave school. In the absence of constructive activities, he became entangled in drug-related matters and faced the grim reality of homelessness, with only a carpet to rest upon.

Personal Life

In a testament to the power of charm and charisma, Fetty’s disability did not deter him from having multiple relationships with women and fathering children. Presently, he is married to Leandra.


As destiny would have it, Fetty’s impoverished background played a pivotal role in propelling him toward a career in rap music. Together with a friend, he experimented with various beats sourced from the music community, honing their rapping skills and attaining proficiency. The fateful day arrived when they stumbled upon the rap beat that would catapult Fetty to fame.

“Trap Queen” became the song that opened the floodgates of fame for Fetty, achieving platinum status and amassing over 120 million plays in the music community, with more than 400 million views on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. His successive hits, including “679,” garnered impressive million views, firmly establishing his presence in the American musical landscape.

Fetty’s meteoric rise continued with his third single, which soared to the top 20 on the American musical charts, an unprecedented feat that set him apart as a rapper with three chart-topping songs.

In 2015, he released an eponymous album that once again triumphed on the Billboard charts, and he followed up with two mixtapes. Over the subsequent years, Fetty released more hit songs, including “Wake Up,” “Flip Phone,” and “Jimmy Choo.”

As his musical career progressed, Fetty collaborated with other music luminaries, including the American-Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj and two others.

Legal Challenges

Fetty encountered legal troubles, facing multiple charges, including property damage, character defamation, copyright violation, and assault.

Net Worth of Fetty Wap

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of the American rapper Fetty Wap stands at $10 million, a testament to his musical achievements. Much credit goes to his breakthrough song, “Trap Queen,” which paved the way for his lucrative career in the music industry.

Fetty: An Inspirational Figure

Fetty Wap stands as a shining example of dedication and perseverance. Rising above the challenges of his earlier life and enduring mockery in school for his ocular condition, he emerged triumphant as a rapper, driven by hard work and an unwavering passion for music.