Duke Kenneth Fluent,Son Of Justine Bateman and Mark Fluent.

Being a writer and producer simultaneously is undoubtedly the most flexible thing one can achieve, and being the son of such a person is another type of flex. Although there are many writers and producers in the world, only a few can achieve the status of being both at the same time. Duke Kenneth is the son of such a celebrity, which has helped him gain the popularity he enjoys now. Even so, there is no shame in becoming famous with the help of one’s parents who have helped give them such fame. Keep reading to uncover the information about Duke Kenneth and his famous mother, a writer and producer!

Personal Biography

Duke Kenneth is a Gemini born on June 18, 2002, making him 19 years old. He is the only son of Justine Bateman, a writer and producer, and Mark Fluent, a member of the U.S. real estate industry who holds a prestigious position at Deutsche Bank.

As the son of Justine Bateman, Duke Kenneth is also part of the Bateman family, one of the most respected families in the U.S. Justine Bateman is well-known and admired for her work as a writer and producer, and has never received any criticism. However, no information about Duke Kenneth Fluent has been made public.

Professional Biography

Since Duke is only 19 years old, it is hard to say anything about his career or future professional choices. His family background is full of powerful and influential people, so he may have many options for his future. From his parents to his grandparents, no one has been left behind in terms of influence and power, and they are all well-recognized throughout the US. The closest professional biography Duke has is that of his mother and father. This has made Duke the center of attention in any gathering, including his parents and grandparents.

Educational Biography

Considering Duke’s age, it may be possible that his high school studies have ended, allowing him to choose a college to attend. However, nothing has been announced yet, so it is not possible to provide specific information about his studies.

Facts & Net Worth

Duke Kenneth Fluent is only nineteen years old and has no background leading to any source of income or professional life. This is one of the main reasons why there is no information about his net worth. However, his mother’s net worth has been estimated and officially published at around five million dollars, due to her professional career as a writer and producer.

Even though Duke Kenneth is only nineteen years old, his influential family background is enough to leave people in awe.