Social Responsibility Workshop with Extensionists


The Caldas Coffee Growers Committee hosted the Social Responsibility Workshop of the Manos al Agua-Intelligent Water Management (IWM) project with the departmental extension team. This activity aims to disseminate the social responsibility principles and values with which the project has been working.

The workshop took place in two parts: the first through a dialogue led by Bibiana Arias, leader of the project social component, to transmit and explain the meaning of social responsibility of the Manos al Agua program.

These principles are respect for human rights, gender equity, and transparency, among others, which seek to reinforce what Manos al Agua-IWM is, from offices to the Colombian countryside.
The second part was led by Jorge Dussán, a music therapist, who through instruments is able to connect with and promote human potential of each team member.

“For the team, the workshop was very enriching; we value this type of actions, which unite us as a team and promote actions and values to be better day after day,” said Efraín Herrera, extensionist of Caldas.