Manos al Agua in the Great Concert for Peace


On July 20, 2016, a new anniversary of the independence of Colombia was celebrated.

This year, a concert was held in tribute to the Coffee Cultural Landscape (PCC), considered World Heritage by the UNESCO. The event was held in the Plaza de Bolívar of Manizales, Caldas, and was led by the Ministry of Culture and the PCC program.

Manos al Agua and the Ministry of Culture have been working in a partnership whose purpose is to strengthen capabilities of leaders of the Manos al Agua groups in the department of Caldas to publicize and safeguard natural heritage.

To show the joint process of the community and the Manos al Agua staff, during the celebration of the PCC, the Ministry of Culture opened a space to spread Manos al Agua’s work in the five impacted departments through a video produced by the Ministry.